The Essence Of Quality

At Manua Pearls, quality is our very foundation and it’s what motivates us every day. Our uncompromising attention to detail can be noted in everything we do, from our expertly crafted jewelry to the easygoing island elegance of our stylish boutiques. And of course it’s evident in our attentive, world-class customer service. At Manua Pearsl, nothing is left to chance as we strive for perfection and enthusiastically share our passion for Tahitian pearls with our valued customers.

By Hand And from The Heart

Tahia personally selects each of the more than 13,000 individual pearls she uses annually in creating the fine jewelry featured in her boutiques. Chosen with patience and love of craft, the vast majority of Manua pearls are sourced from a single pearl farm, Fakarava Dream Pearls, known for its ideal cultivation conditions and rigorous standards. To ensure our clients complete satisfaction and confidence, all Manua Pearls are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and origin.

Inspiration and Innovation

Each pearl is a new and unique creation, singular in its characteristics and individual beauty. This inspires Tahia and her team of designers to constantly strive to create an innovative collection that celebrates the rare essence of these precious gems. Using the finest techniques and skills of craftsmen trained in Italy, Germany and Japan, each piece of Manua Pearls jewelry is transformed into a work of wearable art.

A Precious Memory In The Making.

A beautifully crafted piece of jewelry is a precious memento – a living symbol that marks the memory of a particular place, time and event. A gift such as this is an everlasting mark of affection and an exquisite reflection of love as unique as your sentiments. This is the true nature of giving and receiving a Manu Pearls jewelry design. To capture that perfect moment – Tahia and her team devote as much attention to the presentation of your jewelry as to the designs themselves. Each piece is carefully boxed and artfully wrapped to ensure that your gift – to a loved one or yourself – is as momentous as the occasion it celebrates.

Incomparable Service

Wearing our exquisite pieces is a unique feeling that can hardly be described through words or with pictures. Therefore, when you come visit us in any of our boutiques in the center of Papeete, Tahiti or in Vaitape, Bora Bora, our team of international professionnals will welcome you in the warm Tahitian fashion and assist you in the best way. We are ultimately committed to helping you and providing the best service to meet your needs.

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