To You Direct From Paradise: Our Fakarava Pearl Farm

Our mission of only offering pearls of uncompromising quality means going to the source for the world’s best. That’s why most of our pearls come from our partner pearl farm located on the idyllic atoll of Fakarava in the Tuamotu Archipelago. A UNESCO protected biosphere, the pristine nature of this lagoon gives life to the living beauty of our Tahitian pearls.

The Fakarava Pearl Farm extends over an area of 235 acres and its prime location makes it ideal for the cultivation of the finest Tahitian pearls. Situated in an isolated lagoon with limited access from north and south, the farm benefits from a continuous supply of nutrient-rich fresh water. These extremely rare conditions create a nearly perfect environment for cultivating pearls of the finest quality, consistency and luster.

Using state-of-the-art techniques in these ideal conditions, our team of six professional grafters seed more than 300,000 pearls each year. With great care, attention to detail and a rigorous selection process, our pearl farm is then able to produce 120,000 of the world’s finest quality Tahitian pearls for use in our extraordinary collection of fine jewelry designs.

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